Leather Care and Maintenance

Leather is a natural product and when looked after your Dory’s Leather garment will require very little maintenance. Leather will always carry some slight inconsistencies in colour, texture and tone. Some may consider this a defect, however, one of the many beauties of leather is its natural and unique characteristic. Leather also ages and fades with time and wear, this is another natural characteristic of this much loved hide.

At Dory’s we pride ourselves on selecting garment hides intended to soften with wear, some of our skins feature special dyes, waxes and texture treatments that add character, charm and originality to our leather products. To maintain the condition and longevity of your Dory’s Leather garment, we recommend a special leather moisturising conditioner, such as bees wax.

Using a clean sponge apply a small amount of product to your garment in a downward motion only. Avoid rubbing the garment in both directions and leave to dry naturally.

Leather is a skin, it needs to breathe. It’s best not to be stored in plastic bags.

Your Dory’s leather garment can be worn in light rain as it’s treated with a water resistant coating. To dry, shake off excess water and dry naturally on a good shaped hanger or lay flat. Do not dry it near a heater and avoid creases when wet and direct sunlight.

Still have questions about how to care for your leather? Contact us via the contact page.

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