Take home this one off original Dorys leather jacket

Enter details here and the person with the highest offer wins

*All entries are considered legitimate and the highest bid wins.
* The highest bidder will be contacted by email and may be published on this page.
* The highest bidder has 48 hours to make contact and make full payment to claim the item.
* In the event where the highest bidder has not made contact with the seller in 48 hours, the seller has the right to extend the offer to the next highest bidder, and so on until the item has been sold.
* The seller acknowledges that the garment is purely for artistic purposes and has no direct relation to any officially licensed product.
* The buyer is aware that this item is not an official licensed product and has been purely created as an artistic product.
* Seller has the right to refuse any entry.
* This garment is a one off piece and is only available in a men’s size Medium. (40 inch or 100cm chest)
* Bids are in Australian dollars inclusive of GST and freight costs Australia wide.
* In the event were an International bidder wins, International bank fees and freight charges may apply.
* Dory’s Leather is the manufacturer and supplier of this leather garment, artwork has been externally sourced and created.
* You can enter as many times as you like.
* Entries close 30th August 2023
* Winner will be notified  on the 11th September 2023 via email.